Mrs. Maggie Quille

Posted by Unknown Friday, February 10, 2012

Next to my mother, Ms. Maggie Quille was one of the most influential mothering figures in my life. While I feel the pain of her recent loss, I rejoice in knowing that her reward is in heaven. She was saintly in her character. Her commitment to youth, economic development and the Druid Heights Community is legendary. A renovated fire house which is being used as a community center bears her name. A mural on a wall within the Upton Community bears her likeness. A playground for children is in place because of her advocacy. Trees line Druid Hill Avenue because her unwillingness to accept anything, but the best for her community and she had them installed. The library located at Pennsylvania and North Avenue is there because of her. The boxing center, were future Olympic champions train, on Pennsylvania Avenue, is there because of her relationship with then Mayor Du Burns. More importantly, there are untold numbers of persons who were positively influenced by her who now lead productive lives. I loved Ms. Maggie Quille. I spent many quality hours talking with her, laughing with her, praying with her, and learning from her. She will be missed. She served with dignity and grace. 


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