You Will be Fed

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"That year they ate of the produce of Canaan" Joshua 5:12

This is my first post of 2K12. I want to encourage someone who is wondering whether this year will be any different than last year. 

I know you have been wondering and wondering what will  alter your course? What will change the trajectory that your life is traveling? You have spent the last two days in prayer and meditation asking for the windows of heaven to open and to pour you out a blessing. 

Good News! 

This is the year that you will enjoy and eat the fruits of your labor. This is the year of your breakthrough. God has prepared you for this moment in time. He has strengthened your prayer and devotional life. He will respond to the deepest yearnings of your heart. God does answer prayer! 

As you continue into 2K12, I ask you to focus upon the small miracles you are experiencing. That is God's reinforcing actions to let you know He is with you. The things that heretofore you have taken for granted. God operates within the small crevices of our lives. 

Yes, He can do the miraculous. Yes, He can do the spectacular. What God always does is the small miracles that bless our lives everyday. Learn to count the small blessings. Learn to find peace in the comfort of knowing God is always available to you. If you understand this truth, this will be the year that you will eat the produce of God's great land. 


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