Life's Choices?

Posted by Unknown Monday, January 9, 2012

"Choose this day whom ye shall serve..." Joshua 24:15

Dr. Howard Thurman once wrote, “a dilemma is the kind of problem that a man faces when live options, alternatives, are presented to him, any one of which is not quite a satisfying solution to the problem that confronts him."

In life, we find that the choices before us are not clear cut. They are not simply black or white, yes or no, right or left. Life has many grey areas. Life has many borderlines. How do you decide how to make the right choice when confronted with so many options?

Even as I write this, there is no easy answer. Life is situational, and it is always transitional. Therefore, each one of us is constantly faced with decisions and choices in life.  

Our vision is blurred. We only have the benefit of microscopic vision. We sometimes can see the little things. We need the benefit of macroscopic vision, the ability to see the big picture. Some have a periscopic vision, the ability to look around.  

Before you today and tomorrow will always be choices. Choose wisely your life depends upon it.


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