Jumping The Broom

Posted by Unknown Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last night I took my wife to see, "Jumping The Broom." I recommend it to all who wish to see a good movie. On the Eve of Mother's Day, there were three mother images in the movie. I won't disclose anymore.

However, I do want to reflect upon an essential ingredient I learned from and received from my mother - love.

"The wonder of your great love." Psalm 17:7

When I think about my mother, I truly cannot imagine a moment when her love did not shower over me. It wasn't an uncritical love. The reason why I say uncritical love was that she didn't permit me to get away with mediocrity. Though she allowed me to grow, make mistakes, but always reminded me that I have a home and a place within her heart. That was unconditional love, she was constantly telling me and showing me that her love for me was a reflection of the greater love that God had for me. Another ingredient was that her love was undeniable. I mean from the beginning to her earthly end, I never had a moment of doubt that she didn't love me. She demonstrated to me a greater love. Moments when I couldn't find my way, her love wasn't uncritical. It was unconditional and undeniable.

My thought of my mother leads me directly to the love of God.

That's what Mother's Day means to me. It means that, "I will always love my mother." It also means, "I will always love God."

Why, He gave me a very good mother and for that I thank Him.


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