Conversations with God

Posted by Unknown Thursday, May 5, 2011

During the past few weeks, I have reread a wonderful devotional book, "Conversations with God." This book is a compilation of "Two Centuries of Prayers by African Americans." It was written by James Melvin Washington, Ph.D.

By examining the prayers of our ancestors, I believe you develop a guide that will strengthen one's own prayer life.

Like most people, I find myself caught in the whirlwinds of life: dealing with problems and issues, mostly not my own, but those of others. True ministry leadership places you directly into conversation with people who are seeking a way out of their difficulties or attempting to find answers to life's problems, or they are trying to make sense out of the contradictions they see.

In many instances, I find that persons have not yet discovered the power of prayer. To access the infinite possibilities of prayer, one needs a relationship with God.

This is where I find people have the greatest dilemma. Persons seek a relationship when they have a need, and forgo the relationship when things appear alright.

God desires and demands an ongoing relationship. " In the good times as well as in the bad; whether you are happy or sad", He wants to know that you are in love with Him and desire Him at all times.

This book allows you to access the mind and spirit of persons who had developed prayer lives. It helps one to see that prayer is an ongoing process, and that it is really a conversation. The song would say, "Have a little talk with Jesus."

Allow me to share this prayer by Lewis Ruffin Nichols, "The Soul's Thirst (1895)."

My God I come to Thee,
Thee only would I know,
Thy blood O Let me feel,
And this will comfort me.

I still trust in Thy word,
Oh gracious lamb of God;
Increase my faith in Thee.
And wash me in thy blood.

The word I know is truth
And it can never fail,
All who in Thee confide
Forever will prevail.

Give me the "shield of faith,"
Baptize with righteousness;
The spirit's sword vouchsafe,
My fret, shod Thou with grace.

Walk with me, blessed Lord,
Till life's long journey ends,
Sin and temptation foil
Till Thou the summons send.

And then beyond the flood
On Canaan's blissful shore,
Where saints and angels dwell,
Save me forever more.


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