When will the church wake up?

Posted by Unknown Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Blessed is he who stays awake." Revelation 16:15

In earlier times, people talked about waking the sleeping giant. It was seen that people had the capacity to change their situation if they only took action. Their inaction was liken to being asleep.

One can say that the church is asleep. Its leadership has become seduced into a tranquil state by the strange narcotic of passive accommodation. Passive accommodation is only acting when you are stuck by something. But when you are narcotized, you are unable to feel the pain when one is stuck.

The church and its leaders have reached this dangerous state because it is only concerned with self-preservation. When the church and its leaders are only concerned about itself, it has lost its way and is asleep. Quickly the church is losing its integrity. Quickly church leadership is becoming irrelevant to these times.

The only thing that can transform the church from passive accommodation into active resistance to the evil at our doorsteps is for it to wake up. The church and its leaders must awake to the source of its strength - to lift up the action model of the life of Jesus Christ. The wheat must be separated from the tares. Hypocrites must be unmasked. True believers must stand up.

Those who love the Lord and the church must not lay idly by when the very fabric of our society and culture is crumbling. Wake up!

When a Supreme Court would permit the desecration of a funeral service as a tool for partisan protest, the judges have abdicated their judicial positions and polluted the meaning of justice. The church must wake up!

When the President and Congress would protect the military and security budget and cut only the smallest portion that seeks to address the needs of people, they have chosen their own self-interest over the interests of the people. The church must wake up!

When local governments are only seeking ways to place more burden on those who can least afford it, they have opted our of representing people and have chosen to do the bidding of special interests. The church must wake up!

When the only time that people of the church will assembly is to sing, dance, pray and sermonize, then the church and its leaders have lost its prophetic voice and is asleep at the switch. The church must wake up!

I'm so glad that the God I serve neither sleeps nor slumbers. I'm go glad that in Him we can be more than conquerors because of Him who loved us.

When the church and its leaders wake up, that will be a glorious day indeed.


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