You'll Ask God To Bless Them

Posted by Unknown Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Walk in love, as God also has loved us." Ephesians 5:2 NKJV

Yesterday the Police Sargent of Central District called to ask if Union Baptist Church would host a meeting with him and community leaders to discuss the rising incidents of violence within the community. Of course I agreed, but I quickly realized what could possibily be done to change the hearts and minds of people who see the use of violence as a viable option to address their issues with someone else.

I thought about this deeply and realized we are in a culture where verbal, mental and physical violence is too acceptable as the order of the day. I'm particulary concerned how easy believers are so willing to resort to mental and verbal violence to address their concerns.

I thought the essence of the faith experience hung on forgiveness and love.

I may be naive or alturistic, but my contribution in the upcoming meeting is we need more demonstrations within our homes, community and churches of the power of love to overcome life's tensions.



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