Whew! It Missed!

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My wife and I returned from Miami last night in anticipation of flights being cancelled because of the news of a snow storm that was to hit Baltimore today. Looking out my window it is clear the snow storm that was announced missed us. Whew! I'm glad! I hate shoveling snow.

If you think about it deeply. Everyone has had instances in their lives when you have been the beneficiary of a near miss. Something was intended for you, but by the grace of God it missed its mark. I won't specify but there should be a testimony in your heart that praises God for the near misses in your life.

It may not be so obvious as the encounter between Saul and David where Saul threw a spear at David and missed. (1 Samuel 19:8-10) Nevertheless, I'm certain you have had a near miss.

Thank God what was intended to destroy you, dehabilitate you, or demean you - missed!

You escaped with your life, your sanity, and your joy.



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