"Who Do You Belong To?"

Posted by Unknown Friday, February 1, 2013

In life there is no neutrality, there is no sitting on the fence, and there is no walking the middle of the road. In life you may be free to choose, but choose you must, "to whom do you belong?" Are you a child of God or one of Satan's imps? It may seem harsh, but you will either be on God's side or Satan's side. You will either work for good or for evil. It will be either black or white, right or wrong, or left or right. There is no in between.

Today's scripture found in 1Samuel 30:1-20 (NIV) is an interesting story. David has suffered a terrible lost. His family and goods have been taken. His army is so disgusted with him, they are contemplating stoning him. Depression is about to set in, but David, "encouraged himself in The Lord." He finds an Egyptian and asks a probing question, "Who do you belong to?" By his actions the Egyptian demonstrates he is on the Lord's side.

That's how you determine which side you are on is by your actions. Are you loving or hateful? Are you forgiving or vengeful? Are you patient or quick to anger? Are you helpful or hurtful? The side that you are on is determined by your actions. "Who do you belong to?"



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