Bring all your equipment when you go to work

Posted by Unknown Thursday, October 4, 2012

I like 60 million People watched the debate last night between President Obama and Governor Romney. I support President Obama. I think the President didn't bring all of his equipment to work last night.

Without a doubt he has access to the best intelligence in the world. He is the most powerful person as POTUS in the world. He has four years of experience.

He should been the strongest, brightest, and most confident person in the room. He wasn't and permitted Romney to assert himself without the President reasserting himself. He didn't bring all of his equipment to work last night.

The good news is he will have two more debate work days. He must never forget he is the most powerful, the most intelligent, and should be the most confident person on the planet, especially in a debate with Romney.

What is the spiritual lesson? When fighting your foes, always remember that God, truth, justice, grace and mercy are on your side. Bring all of your equipment when you go to work.



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