We Have Much to Learn - So Study

Posted by Unknown Monday, April 30, 2012

My ministry colleagues overseas have studies. My American ministry colleagues have offices. I choose to have a study because I am always learning move about God and His people everyday.

I had a  man visit my study today. He was released for just one week from serving 19 years. He felt a need to repent and to repay for the deeds he had done. His question is, "Where can he serve at-risk youth?" As he described for me the prison culture behind the walls, I became more acutely aware of how our young boys and girls are targeted to become initiated into gang life. The attraction of our youth to gang life is an evil cancer eating away at the fabric of our community. They are being brutalized and traumatized into a decadent life-style for the pleasure of an aggressive few who have limited options without the constant flow of youth being supplied to them for the gangs culture to survive. 


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