Three Men in Baltimore with Power

Posted by Unknown Thursday, December 29, 2011

People in Baltimore may not quickly recognize the men in the picture. Left to right, they are Willard Hackerman, Chairman and President of Whiting and Turner Construction, Robert Embry, President, Abel Foundation, and Peter Angelos, Owner, Baltimore Orioles. 

The influence of these three men extends to all areas of our community. 

I met today with Bob Embry to review progress in the City for the past year and to identify areas for potential growth in the coming year. 

I left my meeting with a greater sense of urgency for members of the faith community to become more adept at navigating the waters of public policy and public financing. 

If Baltimore is to grow, it will need people from every social strata sitting at the table of economic opportunity. The protest era is long gone. This is the era of negotiating and brokering power relationships and alliances. 

The dreams and aspirations of a lot of people will hinge upon our ability to create change from within the system that benefits those who are outside the system.  


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