Through us God provides for the Poor

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"From your bounty, O God, you provided for the poor." Psalm 68:10

One of the mantras from the Civil Rights era was, "the maximum feasible participation by the poor." The implication was that the recipient of services should be involved in the decision making and delivery of those services. In this manner, those who are poor learn how to fish versus being fed.

We have slowly but surely retreated from addressing the needs of the poor. Too many of us feel that our own sense of self is being threaten that we witness less and less advocacy for those who need a hand up instead of a hand out.

That's why when President Obama sought a tax break for the middle class; the rich pushed back with saying what about them? Therefore the tax breaks for the rich were retained for another two years.

We cannot simply point the finger at the rich. Many of us have taken a back seat to advocacy for the poor and we tend to denigrate them for being in that state. No one wishes, desires, or needs to be poor. Any factual analysis of American Capitalism reveals that a class relegated to poverty is necessary for capitalism to sustain itself. Our economic system is designed to foster a state of poverty among people.

What should be our response? We must ceaselessly advocate on behalf of the poor. We must diligently work to eliminate the conditions that create poverty. We must never be satisfied with our bellies being full, when there are those among us who are hungry.


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